King Solomon writing book of Proverbs which provides a major path to wisdom for anyone who reads it.

Paths to God’s Wisdom

Life is so full of challenges and difficulties, but also many opportunities. How do we make our way through this world and choose the best path with all of the perils and obstacles in our way? God has given us intelligence to solve problems and find answers to our questions. But we need more than intelligence to succeed, flourish, and to live a safe and fruitful life that pleases God. For those, we need wisdom.

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Path leading upward into glowing heavenly clouds, symbolizing predestination: the believer's destiny of becoming like Christ in heaven.

Predestination in the Bible

Many Christians stay away from the subject of predestination because they see it as controversial and think that discussing it only leads to disagreement and conflict. Others put it into the “things I will not understand until heaven” category. But predestination is an important Christian doctrine and a great consolation to believers if understood correctly. So, what is predestination in the Bible?

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Someone studying the Bible under a gas lamp, trying to harmonize Jesus' and Paul's teachingsassages

Harmonizing Teachings of Jesus and Paul

To some people, the teachings of Jesus and those of the apostle Paul don’t always agree. Critics of the Bible and of the Christian faith like to point out what they see as glaring differences. Even solid believers are known to gravitate toward the teachings of either Jesus or Paul. But are Jesus and Paul really at odds? Is there a conflict between the two?

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Moses bringing sown the ten commandments of God's law to the people

Do Christians Need to Keep the Mosaic Law?

One of the greatest disputes in the Church today is how Christians should relate to the Mosaic laws. Some maintain that none of the Mosaic laws apply to us anymore because we are under the New Covenant. Others say they all apply since the Old Testament is God’s eternal Word and doesn’t change. Should Christians obey the Law of Moses? Or, are there some that apply to us and others that don’t?

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Jesus, who was God, showed God's wrath when he cleared the temple of sellers

Understanding God’s Wrath in the Bible

Some people say a truly loving God could never be angry with anyone. Others say the Bible teaches that God is by nature a wrathful God. I believe both are wrong. But the Bible clearly speaks of God’s wrath, and not just a few, but many times. So, how could a loving God get angry? And why? In this post we will look at Scriptures that answer these questions.

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