Barabbas is freed from his chains, and Jesus substitutes his life for Barabbas

Set Free by Christ our Substitute

The gospel is the good news to the condemned and sinful. Those who believe it are acquitted of their guilt before God and set free! But how can God set free those who are clearly guilty of sin? There must be a fair and just basis for the acquittal. We learn the answer from the gospel story itself—that Jesus Christ was our substitute.

Self-righteous Pharisee was not justified by God, but the sinful tax collector was

Justified: Getting Right With God

Jesus once told a parable about two men who were at the temple praying. At the end of his story, one man went away justified, while the other did not. What does it mean to be justified by God? Some think it’s a complex theological word that average believers should quickly pass over. Though the meaning is profound, it’s actually quite understandable.

The Pharisees bring to Jesus the woman caught in adultery, and Jesus shows compassion to her by not condemning her but freeing her from guilt.

Christ’s Compassion for the Wayward Soul

Many people wonder: Is God kind and compassionate, or angry and accusing? We all would like to think he is loving because we hear that he is. But does he really love us, or is this just an advertisement to get people to join a religion or a church?  How do we really know? We know by looking at Jesus Christ, the One who is God in the flesh, and by Christ’s compassion for all he met.

Woman praying and sincerely seeking God

Seeking and Finding the God Who is Near

Some people claim that since we can’t see God, finding him is impossible, so we shouldn’t waste our time seeking him. For them, God is just an interesting discussion topic. But many throughout history have claimed to have sought God and found him. All throughout Scripture God tells us to seek him. Why would God invite us to seek him if it’s impossible to find him?

Pontius Pilate questions Jesus: "What is truth?" Jesus explains that his kingdom is one of truth.

Christ’s Kingdom of Truth

“What is truth?” Pontius Pilate’s infamous question to Jesus during his trial seems sarcastic, maybe even cynical. Was he asking to find ultimate truth? No, probably not. But it’s a legitimate question—what is truth? Is it real, or just an illusory concept? Are there really absolutes as opposed to just ideas? And what is Christ’s kingdom of truth?

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