The prodigal son repenting before his father and asking for mercy.

Jesus’ parable of the prodigal son

The parable of the prodigal son is perhaps the most touching of Jesus’ parables. It’s the story of a wayward son and his reconciliation with his father. Jesus told it to illustrate how a sinful person is reconciled to God. But it just rebellious and irresponsible people that need to hear this? Or does the story relate to everyone?

Young woman looking at a beautiful sunset over the ocean and think about things that are true, noble, right, and pure.

Whatever is true, noble, right, pure: Philippians 4:8

The world is so full of human conflicts, failure, and negativity. And personal problems and disappointments can assault our lives. How can we be free from the constant chaos that floods human existence? Is there a way we can rise above it all and live in peace? A good start would be to heed the apostle Paul’s practical wisdom in Philippians 4:8—thinking about whatever is true, noble, right, and pure.

Wheat field with an abundant crop because of seed sown in good soil.

Jesus’ Parable of the Seeds and Soils

Jesus was the master teacher, and as such, he used stories to illustrate his teachings. One of his most familiar is the parable of the seeds and soils. For many of Jesus’ parables, his explanation is not recorded. But he explained this one privately to his disciples. But even with Jesus’ explanation, there have been various interpretations. So, how should we interpret and apply this most important story?

Jesus is walking on the water while a storm is raging and the waves of the lake are high, and Peter is getting out of the boat to walk toward Jesus to strengthen his faith while the other disciples look on.

Increase our faith, Lord!

Faith is so important to the believer in Christ. It’s by faith that we receive salvation. And it’s by faith that we live an obedient Christian life and survive the trials and storms that come against us. But how do we increase our faith? Did Jesus say anything about this? In this article we’ll see the connection between a strong faith and knowing God.

Mary of Bethany anoints Jesus' head with perfume, to prepare his body for burial.

Mary of Bethany and Judas Contrasted

The gospel stories often include closeups of individuals that highlight their responses to Christ and his ministry. Mary of Bethany and Judas Iscariot were two followers of Jesus that had two greatly different responses. Matthew and John artfully contrasted them in their gospels to teach us some important lessons about faith, love, devotion, and obedience to God.

Jesus presents himself as Messiah in his triumphal entry into Jerusalem on a donkey with the people and children praising him.

Jesus’ triumphal entry and the children’s praise

For centuries, God had promised a Messiah who would bring salvation and deliverance to the people. Toward the end of his public ministry, Jesus entered Jerusalem with his disciples to present himself as the humble King of the Jews, in fulfillment of those promises.  His triumphal entry into Jerusalem was received well by many people but very poorly by others. Who were the people present that day and why did they respond the way they did?

Spiral galaxy demonstrating power, uniformity, complexity, and order in the universe, which are evidences of God's existence

Evidence for God’s Existence

Is there any evidence for the existence of God? If so, how can we find it? These questions, if asked and pursued sincerely, can lead one into a great body of knowledge and truth. I maintain there is strong evidence for God’s existence from logical, scientific and historical perspectives. If you are a skeptic or agnostic, my hope is that this article will persuade you.

Thomas now has faith in Jesus after he puts his hand in Jesus' side where he was wounded

What is faith as defined in the Bible

Faith is widely used word, and most people use it without even thinking. But it’s a very important word, so how should we define it? More importantly, what does it mean as it is used in the Bible? And why is this important to our relationship with God? Surprisingly, the biblical meaning is no different than how we most use it in everyday life.

The scribe Baruch serving God in humility by writing down the words God gave to Jeremiah

Serving God in humility

Serving God is one of the greatest privileges of the believer. We serve an awesome God, and the blessings are enormous. But it isn’t always easy. At times God’s servant can find that ministry can become a burden and personally unrewarding. The problems can seem much greater than the rewards. And serving God in humility is even more difficult, especially when conflicts or opposition come.

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