Christ in Scripture | Final Judgment & The Goodness of God by Scott Rogers

Final Judgment & The Goodness Of God

By Scott Rogers

If I don't believe in Jesus, will I be punished in hell forever? Why would God want to judge anyone? If you were asked either one of these two questions, would you know how to respond? Author Scott Rogers takes you on a journey of discovery, engagingly sharing his findings from several years of in-depth study through the Bible about the final judgment and punishment.

Christ in Scripture | Interpreting and Applying the Bible by Scott Rogers

Interpreting and Applying the Bible

By Scott Rogers

Reading the Bible is such an important part of the Christian's life. Many have read the Bible but lack a basic understanding of how to interpret and apply it to their own lives. This book is a handy reference and Bible study guide for the non-scholar who doesn't have huge amounts of time to invest in biblical research.

What Readers Are Saying

Open bible with a cup of coffee for morning devotion on wooden table

Bible Teachings in Chinese:

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The Attributes of God

神的属性 神的属性

Jesus Christ the Messiah, the Son of God

耶稣基督救世主 神的儿子 二零一八年五月

Interpreting and Applying the Bible, A Non-scholar's Guide

《圣经》的理解及应用 非学术型手册

Jesus the Good Shepherd


Controlling Fear

信赖上帝 控制恐惧

Existence of God


Bible Teachings in Spanish:

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  • Interpretando Y Aplicando la Biblia

Bible Teachings in Filipino:

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  • Christ the Center of our Faith

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