Serving Christ

The scribe Baruch serving God in humility by writing down the words God gave to Jeremiah

Serving God in humility

Serving God is one of the greatest privileges of the believer. We serve an awesome God, and the blessings are enormous. But it isn’t always easy. At times God’s servant can find that ministry can become a burden and personally unrewarding. The problems can seem much greater than the rewards. And serving God in humility is even more difficult, especially when conflicts or opposition come.

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Temple of the Greek god Hephaestus near where Paul preached his sermon to the Athenians

Paul’s Sermon to the Athenians

The apostle Paul’s sermon to the Athenians stands out as one of the great sermons in Scripture. Once a Pharisee, Paul now found himself preaching about the Savior to arrogant philosophers, idolaters, and the sexually immoral. These were people, who in his earlier life, he would have despised. But now he boldly reached out to them with the love and mercy of God.

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jesus dends his disciples out to be witnesses in word and deed

Christian Witness by Word and Deed

The world needs to know the truth of the gospel, that the Messiah—Jesus the Savior, the Son of God—has come. And they need to know who God is, what he is like, and what he has done to prove his love for us. But how can they know? By true Christian witness—by word and deed.

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The Pharisees bring to Jesus the woman caught in adultery, and Jesus shows compassion to her by not condemning her but freeing her from guilt.

Christ’s Compassion for the Wayward Soul

Many people wonder: Is God kind and compassionate, or angry and accusing? We all would like to think he is loving because we hear that he is. But does he really love us, or is this just an advertisement to get people to join a religion or a church?  How do we really know? We know by looking at Jesus Christ, the One who is God in the flesh, and by Christ’s compassion for all he met.

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Poor homeless elderly woman.

The Many Causes of Poverty

Many people are confused about the causes of poverty. As humans, we have a tendency to prejudge people and the cause of their condition. The more liberal sector of society believes most poverty is caused by injustice.  Many conservatives, and even some religious people, believe people are poor mostly because they’re irresponsible. But both Scripture and observation show there are many causes of poverty. Before we address solutions, we must understand the causes. 

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Homeless man receiving food

Ministering to the Poor

I have been involved in ministering to the poor and to impoverished communities for most of my life. Having learned many lessons along the way, I want to share them with you.

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