Learning from Christ

Jesus performs a miracle by raising young girl from the dead.

Are miracles of God possible?

Are miracles of God possible? Many people in our society are skeptical. In this age of science, can we believe that God can really break into this physical world and supersede the laws of nature?  And if so, why would he want to? Many also ask: “If miracles are possible, then why doesn’t God do them for me?”

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Stars, galaxies, and nebulae show God's eternal attributes

The Attributes of God

What is God like? What are his characteristics? If we believe that there is a Creator, then this Creator must have certain attributes. The following lists give God’s most prominent eternal, character, and personal attributes with a brief explanation and Scripture for each. These attributes are referenced extensively in Christ in Scripture blog posts.

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Picture of open Bible that any common person can interpret

Can The Common Person Interpret The Bible?

During the Reformation and into the 20th century, the Bible was translated into common languages, and evangelical believers were encouraged to read and study it on their own. This led to a revival of knowledge and understanding of the Scriptures.

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Ancient Greek Letters carved in stone tablet

Need to Study Greek to Understand the N.T.?

Most students of Scripture make it a standard practice to study the meanings of key words and phrases to aid in understanding. Some have also ventured into study of the original languages. Many Christians then ask the question: “Is it necessary to study Greek to understand the New Testament?”

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