Knowing Christ

Mary with baby Jesus surrounded by shepherds shows the incarnation

The Coming of Christ the Savior: God With Us

The coming of Jesus Christ into the world was the most significant event in human history. And the life of Christ was the most significant life of anyone ever born into humanity. Through the coming of Christ the Savior, God came to earth to dwell with us in human flesh.  He was the Savior, the Messiah— “God with us.”

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Good Samaritan showing mercy to the man who was robbed and beaten

God’s Mercy on the Helpless and Broken

What is God’s mercy and why do we need it? According to the Bible, God loves all people, without conditions. He also offers his grace to all. This is who he is — he is kind, gracious, and loving. He is merciful to the helpless and broken. But God’s mercy, as it relates to forgiveness, is conditional. If that is true, then conditional upon what?

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Painting of an angry god with thunderbolts terrifying people

Is the Creator a God of Wrath?

There are those who say that God is a God of love, but he is also a God of wrath—or anger. Some Bible teachers think they can support this view because of the many Bible passages that mention God’s anger. On the surface it appears to be true, but in taking a closer look at Scripture, we can see this is not.

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God's grace and goodness are seen in the photo of a beautiful lake surrounded by a green forest

God’s Grace: His Unceasing Kindness

Grace is such an important Christian word. Books have been written about it, and countless sermons have been preached about it. It permeates the Christian faith. And it’s meaning greatly affects how we perceive God. God’s grace, his goodness, and his kindness are closely related. But what is grace, and why is it important to our faith?

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God's sovereignty observed from International space station view of Italy

God’s Sovereignty and Human Will

The Bible tells us that God is sovereign. This is one of his eternal or infinite attributes. God is referred to by the term Sovereign Lord countless times in the Bible. But what exactly is sovereignty? And if God is sovereign over everyone, how do we reconcile it with human free will?

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God's goodness as shown in photo of green hillside with houses and mountains in background

The Goodness of God

“Why does God allow wars and suffering?” “Why did God create the corona virus?” The goodness of God has come under scrutiny lately. Many people blame God either indirectly or indirectly, insinuating that he is responsible for the world’s problems, or for everyone’s personal misery. Countless people in the world today view him as harsh, cruel, or disinterested in the people he created. For some, even the concept of God brings negative images and thoughts.

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Shepherds adoring baby Jesus

The Descent of Christ to Earth

Who is God? What is he like? What are his characteristics? If we believe that there is a Creator, then this Creator must have certain attributes. As Christians, we believe that Christ revealed God to us by the incarnation: the descent of Christ to the earth.

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Old painting of Christ And Wife Of Zebedee

Christ The Center Of Our Faith

Over the past 20 years the Christian church has become extremely diverse. In addition to traditional churches of the 20th century, seeker churches and the worship churches arrived on the scene. Many churches now strive for a unique identity to distinguish themselves from others. In the process, some churches have compromised their devotion to Christ. Their teaching wanders away from Christianity’s foundational truth—that Christ is the center of our faith.

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