Growing in Christ

Old fresco painting of Jesus teaching the golden rule

The Golden Rule and Loving Our Neighbor

In these troubling and confusing times, we need direction and guidance, especially in how we relate to others. There are countless voices trying to persuade us in different directions. Where can we find an authoritative voice that we can trust? We again turn to Jesus, the Son of God, whose teachings to love our neighbor and observe the Golden Rule stand out among all others. What do these mean and how do we apply them in our lives?

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Asian woman with face mask looking frightened

Controlling Fear by Trusting God

We all experience fear. But dealing with fear can be difficult, especially when we face significant challenges in life. How do we control it so it doesn’t lead us into despair? By trusting God.

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The Pharisees test Jesus by asking him if they should pay taxes to Caesar

Give to God What is God’s

Jesus’s detractors attempted to entrap him with a question: “Is it right for us to pay taxes to Caesar or not?” (Luke 20:22) Jesus, aware of their insincerity, asked for a Roman coin…

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