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Old fresco painting of Jesus teaching

The Golden Rule and Loving Our Neighbor

In these troubling and confusing times, we need direction and guidance, especially in how we relate to others. There are countless voices trying to persuade us in different directions. Where can we find an authoritative voice that we can trust? We again turn to Jesus, the Son of God, whose teachings to love our neighbor and observe the Golden Rule stand out among all others. What do these mean and how do we apply them in our lives?

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Statue of Jesus the good shepherd with lost sheep on his back

Jesus the Good Shepherd

Many of us, when we consider our lives, the problems we have, and the pain we suffer, wonder: “Where is God?” and “Does God care for me?” We may just be disoriented from the chaos of life, or have anxiety and fear building up from all of the uncertainties we face. Some of us may have intentionally taken wrong and destructive paths, and are suffering from it. Whatever our condition, we are all in need of a shepherd—one who cares for us, leads us, and protects us from danger. And not just any shepherd, but Jesus the good shepherd.

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The image of Christ on the cross on a concrete grave marker portrays God's forgiveness and atonement for sins

Forgiveness and Atonement

All people everywhere need forgiveness. We have all sinned against others and against God, and fallen short of his expectations of us. Is there hope for us, and can God forgive us? No one has lived a life free of sin. Even those we consider “good” fall far below God’s standards. The Bible talks about both forgiveness and atonement. What is atonement and what does it mean to us?

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Stars, galaxies, and nebulae show God's eternal attributes

The Attributes of God

What is God like? What are his characteristics? If we believe that there is a Creator, then this Creator must have certain attributes. The following lists give God’s most prominent eternal, character, and personal attributes with a brief explanation and Scripture for each. These attributes are referenced extensively in Christ in Scripture blog posts.

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God's sovereignty observed from International space station view of Italy

God’s Sovereignty and Human Will

The Bible tells us that God is sovereign. This is one of his eternal or infinite attributes. God is referred to by the term Sovereign Lord countless times in the Bible. But what exactly is sovereignty? And if God is sovereign over everyone, how do we reconcile it with human free will?

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God's goodness as shown in photo of green hillside with houses and mountains in background

The Goodness of God

“Why does God allow wars and suffering?” “Why did God create the corona virus?” The goodness of God has come under scrutiny lately. Many people blame God either indirectly or indirectly, insinuating that he is responsible for the world’s problems, or for everyone’s personal misery. Countless people in the world today view him as harsh, cruel, or disinterested in the people he created. For some, even the concept of God brings negative images and thoughts.

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Asian woman with face mask looking frightened

Controlling Fear by Trusting God

We all experience fear. But dealing with fear can be difficult, especially when we face significant challenges in life. How do we control it so it doesn’t lead us into despair? By trusting God.

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Shepherds adoring baby Jesus

The Descent of Christ to Earth

Who is God? What is he like? What are his characteristics? If we believe that there is a Creator, then this Creator must have certain attributes. As Christians, we believe that Christ revealed God to us by the incarnation: the descent of Christ to the earth.

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Homeless man receiving food

Ministering to the Poor

I have been involved in ministering to the poor and to impoverished communities for most of my life. Having learned many lessons along the way, I want to share them with you.

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